Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, E-bikes—plus tires or skinny—VelociRAX holds them all.  Easily Load up bikes for the whole family or group and don’t be afraid to take them down any road.  With the easy to load and unload design, anti-rattle hitch, no frame contact mounting, and secure tie downs and locks, you won’t even feel the need to check in the rear view mirror.  


The hinge design allows you to pivot the rack out of the way to get your cooler or tools out of the back of your vehicle. Hidden locking cables let you lock your bikes while you grab a bite to eat.  You can even hang your bike from the seat for easy maintenance. We can’t guarantee the trail conditions, but we can guarantee your bikes will get there safely and hassle free.


Our designers weren’t just content making a hassle free way to carry your bikes to and from the trail.  They also wanted to find a way to keep those same bikes from making a shin-cracking labyrinth of pedals, tires and handlebars in your garage.  Once you take the rack off the car, mount it to the wall and it makes an organized hassle free way of storing your bikes. It’s low enough that the older kids can rack their bikes and keep them out of the way until your next ride.