Introducing SkiRAX: A Game-Changing Hitch Ski Rack for Your Car

The mountains are just part of our DNA. Most mountain bikers ski or snowboard because, regardless of season, those peaks call to us. But until now, mountain enthusiasts needed different car racks to accommodate their different mountain sports. A mountain bike rack for the spring/summer season and a ski rack for their car in the winter. 

It is a costly affair that requires multiple racks and additional storage space for the off-season.

But now, with the VelociRAX SkiRAX attachment, you can convert your VelociRAX hitch mount bike rack into a hitch ski rack—making your VelociRAX hitch mount rack versatile for all your mountain sports—a single rack solution for year-round adventure.

SkiRAX converts your bike rack into a ski rack for your car

The Greatest Twofer of All Time: Why a Hitch Ski Rack Makes Sense

We love mountain sports, which means when the snow falls, we are hitting the slopes. We knew we weren’t alone in this and that other mountain enthusiasts were feeling the frustration of multiple car racks for multiple sports. 

We understand that ski/snowboard racks can be expensive, so our genius engineers got to work to create an attachment to use with our world-class, patented bike rack. SkiRAX is the ultimate twofer, saving you money and storage space for year-round mountain fun. 

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SkiRAX hitch ski rack allows for trunk access to your gear

Advantages of Using SkiRAX Hitch Ski Rack vs. a Roof Ski Rack

Overcoming many of the typical disadvantages of a hitch ski rack, like carry capacity and installation, SkiRAX is a superior ski/snowboard rack for a dramatically lower cost. If you love the mountains year-round, then this twofer just makes sense:

  • Convenience: Easier loading and unloading, reducing the risk of accidents or damage to the vehicle. 
  • Efficiency: Offers less drag on your vehicle to improve fuel efficiency and reduce wind noise.
  • Carry Capacity: SkiRAX can hold up to six skis or snowboards.
  • Cost: The SkiRAX attachment is significantly less expensive than most roof and hitch ski/snowboard racks.
  • Access: Hinge your VelociRAX down for easy access to your gear inside the vehicle. 
  • Installation: You can transform your VelociRAX within minutes for fast installation.

How SkiRAX Works with Your Existing VelociRAX Hitch Bike Rack

The SkiRAX accessory can convert your VelociRAX bike rack into a ski rack that can hold up to 6 pairs of skis or 6 snowboards in under fifteen minutes. To install the SkiRAX attachment: 

  • Swap any tire basket (except the one on the far right) with the SkiRax. SkiRAX is compatible with the VelociRAX 412 or larger rack. 
  • SkiRAX fits most ski and snowboard lengths of 90 cm or larger.
  • SkiRAX holds snowboards with a maximum width of 30 cm. 

How to Use SkiRAX

Haul up to 6 pairs of skis or snowboards easily on the back of your car.

SkiRAX carries up to six skis or snowboards on the ski rack

Utilize the adjustable strapping system to secure your skis to the rack and accommodate different boards/skis.

strap your skis or snowboard to the SkiRAX hitch ski rack for your car

Adjust the rack for skis or snowboards.

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SkiRAX is a game-changing hitch ski rack

Frequently Asked Questions about SkiRAX Hitch Ski Rack Accessory

These are our most common questions about SkiRAX:

Is the SkiRAX Ski and Snowboard Rack Safe?

Yes. SkiRAX can securely haul your skis and snowboards safely behind your car for easy access—leaving room in your car for passengers and gear.

Keep in mind that SkiRAX does not have a locking system, so you should never leave your skis or snowboards unattended on your car. Just like when you break for lunch at the lodge, you should always have eyes on your gear. 

Is the SkiRAX Ski and Snowboard Rack Universal?

Yes. SkiRAX works with most sizes of skis and snowboards. Skis and snowboards must be at least 90 cm long, and snowboards can have a maximum width of 30 cm. So check your ski and snowboard specifications to ensure they fit these requirements. 

Can SkiRAX Work as a Snowboard Rack for Your Car?

Yes. We designed the SkiRAX attachment to hold up to 6 snowboards safely and securely. The rack attachment allows you to adjust for skis or snowboards. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Ski/Snowboard Rack for Your Car

When choosing a ski/snowboard rack, here are some things you should prioritize before buying:

Ski Rack Type

Most ski/snowboard racks for your car are either roof mount, trunk mount, or hitch mount.

  • Hitch Mount Ski Rack: Obviously, we are big believers in hitch mount racks that can be installed into the back of your hitch receiver. These racks are very accessible, convenient, and can handle more substantial loads for more carrying capacity. The downside: your car will need a hitch receiver.
  • Roof Mount Ski Rack: These racks are secured to the top of your car roof, making access, aerodynamics, and capacity limited. But they do offer great trunk access.
  • Trunk Mount Ski Rack: Usually the cheapest option, trunk mount racks are secured to your car trunk but have limited capacity and can damage your car if you’re not careful. We would not recommend this option. Seriously, we are only mentioning them because they exist.


Capacity is crucial to ensure your rack can carry all your gear, preventing overcrowding and potential damage to your skis or snowboards during transportation. SkiRAX can hold up to 6 pairs of skis or snowboards.


Easy access to your gear simplifies loading and unloading, saving time and effort at the ski resort and ensuring a stress-free experience. SkiRAX makes unloading and loading your skis and snowboards easy—getting you on the lift faster.

Ease of Installation

A user-friendly installation process minimizes frustration and potential errors, ensuring a secure fit and safe transport for your equipment. SkiRAX installs quickly with a turn of a few bolts, making your easy hitch mount rack a no-brainer for powder days.


Security features like locks deter theft and provide peace of mind when leaving your gear unattended on the rack during breaks or overnight. SkiRAX has durable straps to securely transport your gear, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have a locking feature, so you shouldn’t leave your gear unattended.


A durable rack withstands harsh weather conditions and regular use, ensuring a long-lasting investment that won’t need frequent replacements. VelociRAX prides itself on using quality materials that are built to last.


A sleek, aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance, which not only saves on fuel costs but also minimizes wind noise for a quieter and more fuel-efficient ride. Unlike roof ski racks, SkiRAX offers minimal resistance–saving gas and reducing noise.


Balancing cost with quality and features is vital to ensure you get a rack that meets your needs without overspending or compromising on essential attributes. Ski racks are expensive. That’s why we created the SkiRAX accessory for your VeloicRAX bike rack. Now, you can get year-round mountain access with one rack instead of buying multiple racks for different sports.

VelociRAX SkiRAX: convert your bike rack to a ski rack

Hit the Slopes Faster with SkiRAX

At VelociRAX, we prioritize quality, accessibility, durability, and capacity. You can expect no less with our SkiRAX hitch ski rack attachment. Securely haul your skis and snowboards using your favorite VelociRAX bike rack. Now, you can finally have one rack that enables year-round mountain fun.

Want more information about SkiRAX? Learn more about SkiRAX.

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