Hitch Bike Racks

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      Introducing our premium selection of hitch bike racks, designed to provide convenience, versatility, and exceptional performance for bike enthusiasts of all kinds. Our hitch-mounted bike racks offer an array of options, accommodating anywhere from 3 to 7 bikes, including popular variations such as mountain bikes, road bikes, fat tires, and even youth bikes.

      All VelociRAX hitch bike racks boast an innovative design that is patented and jam-packed with features. There is no need for lifting bikes onto VelociRAX when using roll-in and roll-out loading, which means even kids can load their bikes. Integrated hydraulic dampers assist fully loaded racks when lowering to the load position, so you don’t have to worry about bikes crashing down when lowering your hitch-mounted bike rack.

      We understand that storage space is a valuable commodity, especially in your garage. That's why every VelociRAX purchase includes a garage wall mount, allowing you to utilize the rack as a storage solution for your bikes when it's not mounted on your vehicle. Say goodbye to cluttered garages and welcome an organized and efficient storage system that keeps your bikes safe and your space optimized.