VelociRAX 3X
VelociRAX 3X
VelociRAX 3X
VelociRAX 3X
VelociRAX 3X
VelociRAX 3X
VelociRAX 3X
VelociRAX 3X
VelociRAX 3X
VelociRAX 3X

VelociRAX 3X

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The VelociRAX 3X vertical bike rack holds up to 3 bikes and has 15-inch spacing between tire baskets. This rack is ideal for small groups and can store a wide variety of bike styles and sizes. Comfortably load this rack with three road bikes or throw on a combination of road, mountain bikes, or e-bikes with the available spacing. UV-tested rubber straps are included to secure bikes while ONLY contacting the tires. When looking for a bike rack for a small group, this one is the way to go for optimal storage, easy usage, and bike security.

VelociRAX are patent pending with user-friendly features. There is no need to lift bikes onto this rack when using the roll in and roll out loading method, which means kids can load their own bikes! Integrated hydraulic dampers assist fully loaded racks when lowering to the load position, so don’t worry about bikes crashing down when lowering the rack. All VelociRAX also come with a garage wall mount to store the rack with bikes when not on a vehicle.

- Hinge assist dampers for fully loaded hinging
- Garage wall mounting kit
- Built-in anti-rattle mechanism
- VelociRAX tire straps
- Rubber bands for brake lever engagement
- 1/2 inch hitch pin with keyed lock
- All needed hardware
- Assembly and Use Instructions​
- US Pat. No. 11,554,724 & 11,572,022 and Patents Pending

- 15-inch spacing between bikes
- Hitch mounted vertical bike rack holding up to 3 bikes
- Assembled width 42 inches
- Assembled height 58 inches
- Weight 73 lbs
- Load capacity 230 bike pounds at 55 pounds per bike max
- eBike ready: 3 standard ebikes (we recommend removing batteries if you are able)
- Do not go through automated car washes with rack attached to vehicle

- 2" (50mm) Class III  hitch with tongue capacity of 500 lbs
- 3 3/8 inch (86mm) depth past center of hitch pin hole to insert a VelociRAX
** Note - Check factory OEM hitch receivers on newer Subaru CrossTrek and Outback and Ford Ranger as they may lack sufficient depth on the factory hitch receiver.

Instructions for building your VelociRAX
PDF                               VIDEO

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VelociRAX Features

Garage Storage Capability

Each rack comes with a garage bracket which allows you to store your rack with bikes mounted.

Rubber-only Contact

The only contact points on the bike are with the durable rubber straps and the bike tire, taking away any contact with metal or carbon fiber components.

Integrated Hydraulic Dampers

Fully assisted lowering down to the loading position

Anti-rattle Capability

All of our racks are equipped with an anti-rattle mechanism that keeps the rack sturdy on your vehicle.

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