VelociRAX Hitch Bike Racks: Looking Back on 2022

Looking back on 2022, we are humbled and deeply grateful for everyone who has been a part of this year. Welcome to all the new VelociRAX hitch rack owners and hello again to existing owners; whatever your association is to us, we are happy you are here. We launched in New Zealand a few months ago, so we are now available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand!

We have expanded our team, and thanks to the additional help, we have completely revamped our website! This upgrade makes looking at our vertical hitch racks and accessories much easier. Integrated locking systems came in at the start of the year, small tire baskets were introduced in the summer, and we announced bike rack floor stands this month! We love expanding our bike rack capabilities so that every VelociRAX hitch bike rack owner has a bike rack perfect for them.

Old and New Favorites

Throughout 2022, we revisited mountain biking events attended in past years and ventured out to uncharted territory to find new events we plan to revisit next year. One of our favorite parts of being VelociRAX is talking to other bike enthusiasts to remind us what biking is all about.

While supporting our own NICA high school racers, we cheered on other riders and met fellow biking companies all over Utah and other states. We increased our biking event footprint and learned about places we'd never traveled.

Integrated locking system 

Integrated locking systems offer a convenient security addition to your VeloicRAX for short-term locking scenarios. Old and new VelociRAX owners have added this to their car bike rack and we can conclude that it is a major upgrade from using unattached cables. They are quickly becoming one of our most popular products. 

VelociRAX hitch bike racks 412 or larger can benefit from this locking system by replacing the top bar's end caps, sliding it inside the top bar, and securing it with the end tire basket bolt. Retractable cables rest on the inside of the top bar so they can be easily accessed or stowed at any time. Now there is no need to worry about storing a cable off the rack or tangling it in the process.  Although no lock or cable will prevent theft in all situations, this locking system is an adequate preventative measure. 

Check out the integrated locking system!

Small tire baskets

As parents, we understand the complexity of finding a hitch-mounted bike rack to fit bikes of all sizes. What’s the point of having a vertical hitch bike rack if you can’t even put all of your bikes on the same bike rack? Small tire baskets create a flawless fit for high-quality 20-inch bikes. These are not necessary for all 20-inch tire bikes because many will comfortably fit on the bike rack with minor adjustments. We have found that wrapping an extra strap around standard tire baskets or lining it with a section of foam piping will give smaller bikes the needed support. Read about these quick fixes here

If you’re able, do a trial with your 20-inch bike on a standard tire basket to see if small tire baskets would solve an issue. If it rests in the tire basket without any modifications or if an at-home adjustment is feasible, your 20-inch tire bike will be just fine without one. If you plan to use 20-inch tire bikes for long periods, such as BMX bikers or people with multiple children, we suggest considering this!  Learn more about these tire baskets for VelociRAX vertical hitch racks here

Bike Rack Floor Stand

By popular demand, we now offer a garage floor stand that rolls VelociRAX hitch racks swiftly in the garage! These rolling stands work with any VelociRAX hitch rack size and make your hitch rack feel light as a feather. They are available for pre-order and will be available to ship at the beginning of February.

We received many inquiries about our in-house floor stands, used for display at our storefront, so we decided to spread the love and make them available to customers interested!

Smoothly maneuver hitch racks with or without bikes around the garage, or lock casters for stationary use. Moving your VelociRAX hitch rack from the car to the garage and vice versa has never been so fun! Learn more about our new bike rack floor stands here

Thank You Red Rack Nation!

Whether you are already a VelociRAX hitch bike rack owner or are interested in being one, we are happy you are here for the ride. Thank you to our VelociRAX family for making this year a success-- we are very grateful for the support. You guys are the ones who keep us excited about building and improving our products. We are excited about what 2023 will bring! 

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