Garage Bike Storage Ideas

Garage space can disappear quickly. Storing outdoor gear, tools, lawnmowers, car supplies, seasonal decor, and bikes can create a maze to walk through. These items are not small, so efficient planning and organizing tools are essential to fit and access equipment. 

Multiple awkwardly shaped items can be intimidating to arrange. A lesson quickly learned by garage owners is that prioritizing gear to be easily accessible is more difficult than it seems. With the help of clever storage tools, organizing your garage can be a lot more enjoyable and practical. 

There are probably boxes that have not been opened in years and hidden treasures throughout your garage, but don’t let this happen to your bikes. Keep bikes out of the way to reduce clutter and avoid a garage catastrophe, but keep them approachable so you and your crew can keep doing what you love. Whether you have a small, large, or no garage, we have two solutions for your wall bike storage needs.

What’s The Best Way to Store Bikes In The Garage?

If you have experimented with bike storage racks, finding an easy-to-use bike rack that uses minimal space can be challenging. Garage bike storage racks should be convenient and adjustable to fit individual needs. After trying our fair share of wall storage bike racks, which quickly turned frustrating, we designed a couple of garage bike racks that have been successful for us.  

Indoor Wall Bike Rack

If you have one bike that won’t fit in your garage bike rack, you can install a pedal rack above the existing system without sacrificing valuable floor space. PedalRAX can also slyly store bikes for entire seasons, so bikes can stay out of the way while they hibernate. This unique and convenient wall-mounted bike rack will allow you to house all your bikes without added clutter. 

If you live in an apartment building or a similar situation where garage storage is not available, you can be creative with the given space. PedalRAX adjustable wall racks can be mounted anywhere with studs. When bikes are left resting against a wall, they disrupt walkways, irritate residents, and put the bike at risk of damage. Keeping bikes off the ground saves time and frustration in the long run.  With a minimal design, the bike and wall rack will not steal the show of the room it is in or the bike it holds-- this is a great excuse to show off your bike as a work of art, which it is.

The pedal mount is adjustable: small (including clip pedals), standard, and large pedals have comfortable settings. Although they are compatible with most pedals, they are NOT compatible with OneUp Components and Kona Wah Wah 2 pedals. 

PedalRAX garage bike racks are compact, so whether a bike is resting on it or not, they are camouflaged with the wall. If you're in the market for a single bike garage bike rack, PedalRAX wall storage is for you! 

Wall Storage for Multiple Bikes 

Have you ever heard of a bike rack that could turn like pages of a book? Well, now you have. With VelociRAX Tilt & Pivot 4 Bike Storage Racks, you can store bikes using a wall-mounted bike rack that is flexible and capable of working with individual spacing needs. These garage racks come in a pack of four and can store various bike sizes and styles on the same rack. You can store a 20-inch kids' bike, road bike, mountain bike, and BMX bike on the same rack! 

Tire baskets can rotate for additional space while loading and unloading, so bikes can be accessed in any order. When empty, tire baskets can rest flush with the wall as if the rack isn’t even there. Let your creativity shine with adjustable spacing on every inch of the mount brackets and the ability to stagger height. 14 inches is the max repeatable spacing for the wall mount, and 10 inches is the closest they can be along the whole wall.

Our Tilt & Pivot 4 Bike Storage Rack can easily store multiple bikes with or without the VelociRAX. All VelociRAX hitch racks come with a garage mount for rack and bike storage, and the Tilt & Pivot Bike Storage Racks are designed to work in tandem. When this wall-mounted bike rack is folded to the wall, VelociRAX hitch racks garage storage is fully functional. When tire baskets are pushed to the wall, the Tilt & Pivot rack will leave enough room for VelociRAX hitch racks to hang on the garage mount.




If your VelociRAX stays on your vehicle while bikes are frequently taken out, then stored in the garage during the off-season, designating one part of the garage to bike storage can make the garage seem bigger. A Tilt & Pivot rack can be used while a VelcoiRAX hitch rack lives on the car, then pushed aside to make room for the hitch rack’s garage mounting system. Of course, Tilt & Pivot storage racks can mount wherever is most convenient, but having the option to store bikes in the same location in all scenarios can optimize garage organization.

With roll-in and roll-out loading, Tilt & Pivots are easy to load – even for kids. No lifting is necessary to load or unload this rack, so your workout will start once your ride begins, not when you are in the garage. If you’re looking for a flexible garage storage solution, the Tilt & Pivot Bike Storage Rack will fix all your garage storage needs! 

VelociRAX Garage Bike Wall Storage

If you have one bike or eight, we have garage bike racks you will love. PedalRAX are concise, durable, and inexpensive. They make use of surplus wall space and can stack above existing bike racks. Tilt & Pivot 4 Bike Storage Racks are flexible and versatile. They are perfect for diverse riders and are easy to load. 

The forgotten task is planning where bikes and bike racks will go when they’re not in use. We have worked hard to solve our bike storage issues, and our goal is to make getting out to bike as easy as possible; leave the hard work for the trails!

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