How To Find the Perfect Garage Bike Rack for Your Needs

Are you tired of tripping over bikes in your garage? We get it. If you love to bike like we do, you have a load of bikes in your garage and need a smart, practical garage bike rack storage solution to get those bikes organized and out of the way. But with so many garage bike racks available, how do you know which is best for your family and space? 

We’ll cover how to determine the best garage bike rack and list the different options you have to choose from to find the right bike storage option for you. So, take some time to clean out your garage, invest in a garage bike storage solution, and give yourself the gift of space. 

Why You Need to Invest in a Smart, Practical Garage Bike Rack

There is a wide range of garage bike storage solutions to choose from, varying in price and features. An intuitive, practical garage bike rack comes with a bunch of benefits, such as:

  • Protecting your bikes from weather damage and theft
  • Providing a dedicated space to organize and maintain bikes
  • Storing many bikes in a small area
  • Freeing up living space
  • Offering easy access to bikes when needed 
  • Increasing their longevity of your bikes by preventing wear and tear

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What to Consider When Choosing The Best Garage Bike Rack: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

The best garage bike rack storage option for avid bikers is one that meets their storage needs, fits within their garage space, and provides easy access and security for their bikes. So let’s examine your space and assess your storage needs. When buying a garage bike rack, key things to consider include:


The National Bicycle Dealers Association found the average biking enthusiast has about 3.4 bikes and the average US family has about 2.6 bikes per family member. For a family of four, that can mean you have over ten bikes in your garage right now. 

When picking out the perfect garage bike rack, you need to consider how many bikes you will store on a regular basis. Are there any bonus bikes that regularly make an appearance in your garage? And you may want to consider getting a bigger rack with extra space for future additions to your bike family.


Some garages may have more or less space available depending on their specific layout and storage needs, a typical garage can store about 2-4 bikes comfortably. If you have more bikes, you’re gonna need an intuitive garage bike storage solution. To determine your space, It is important to:

  • Measure the available space in the garage 
  • Measure the size of the bikes being stored 
  • Check the ceiling, walls, and floors for open storage spaces.

Depending on the size of your garage, you will want to pick a garage bike rack storage system that fits with the current setup or with minimal remodeling. Assess your current garage setup and decipher which items are permanent and which items can be thrown out or re-situated. Consider these garage space questions carefully:

  • Where do you want to park your car?
  • Where are the high-traffic walkways?
  • Are there unoccupied areas?
  • Can some bikes be stored in less accessible spaces?

If you park your car inside your garage, you will likely need a vertical garage bike rack like the VelociRAX Tilt & Pivot Garage Bike Rack that stores bikes vertically.  


The types of bikes you’re storing will depend on your interests and activities. These are the most common types of bikes that you might own:

  • Road bikes: riding on smooth, paved roads
  • Mountain bikes: off-road riding on rough terrain
  • Hybrid bikes: a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike, suitable for a variety of terrain
  • Cruiser bikes: casual, comfortable rides 
  • Electric bikes: equipped with an electric motor for assisted pedaling
  • Folding bikes: easily collapsible and portable for commuting or travel
  • BMX bikes: small, sturdy bikes for freestyle riding and stunts
  • Kids' bikes: sized for children and for learning and recreation

The avid biker may have several different types of bikes. And different bike types will have different garage bike rack requirements. If you need a rack that can store your E-bike and your kid’s bike, then you’ll want a durable, strong, steel construction bike rack that can handle these varying bike weights.


 Look into all your options, such as hooks, mounts, lift systems, frame support, and tire support, before deciding how you plan to store bikes. Each type of storage has varying requirements. For example, you can use hooks on your garage ceiling and wall, depending on how you want to store your bike, but lifts may only have the option to mount to the ceiling.

Be sure that whatever method you choose is compatible with your bike, equipment, and garage configuration. Be realistic about storage space and how you will access bikes. Hanging your bike with a lift system directly above a car might sound good, but it likely requires additional effort, like moving the car, to get a bike down.  


Another critical thing you need to consider is your budget. Garage bike rack storage solutions can vary greatly in price, depending on the type, size, and quality of the product. Typically, you can spend between $20 to $600 on a garage bike rack

The lower end of this price range typically includes basic models made of cheaper materials like plastic or lightweight metals. On the high end, you can find vertical wall mount bike racks made of more durable materials like steel or aluminum, and may include additional features like adjustable arms to accommodate different bike sizes or locking mechanisms for added security.

Remember, you are storing precious cargo, so avoid opting for the cheapest option. You can stay within a reasonable price range while prioritizing high-quality materials and convenience for your garage and bikes.

Want an affordable garage bike storage option that doesn’t sacrifice quality or durability? Shop all our VelociRAX garage bike rack options. 

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There’s a lot that goes into determining the best garage bike rack for your space. Here are some other key criteria that you should consider when buying a garage bike storage solution (that we don’t need to go super in depth on):

  • Security: Depending on where you live, you may need additional bike security within your garage. Look for bike racks that have locking mechanisms, frame protection, etc. You’ll also want to consider where you place the bikes in the garage to reduce visibility.
  • Rack Stability: Bike rack stability is critical because a stable rack prevents damage to the bike and the garage. An unstable rack can cause the bike to fall, potentially damaging the bike, the garage, and nearby objects, and pose a safety risk.
  • Ease of Installation: Assess the installation requirements for the garage bike rack. If it isn’t intuitive, you may want to reconsider. A difficult or time-consuming installation process can discourage proper use and lead to improper installation, increasing the risk of damage to the bike, the rack, or the garage—posing a safety hazard.
  • Bike Frame Contact: Minimal bike frame contact is critical because it reduces the risk of damage to the bike frame, especially for bikes with delicate or high-end finishes. It also prevents scratches or other marks on the bike and makes it easier to load and unload the bike.
  • Weight Capacity: You’ll want to learn how much weight the garage bike rack can handle, and what are the weight limitations for the rack you are considering. This will come into play if you have heavier bikes like an E-bike or mountain bike.

Looking for a garage bike rack that can hold your E-bike and your kid’s 20 inch? Shop our most popular garage bike racks. 

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The Best Garage Bike Rack Storage Options

When it comes to storage options, you have five different types of garage bike rack options:


Vertical bike storage on the wall is an excellent garage bike storage option because it maximizes available space, keeps bikes off the ground, and provides easy access. It also helps to prevent damage to the bikes and allows for the storage of multiple bikes in a relatively small area. This rack takes up significantly less floor space than storing the bikes on the ground.


  • Can store the most bikes using the least wall space
  • From kids to adult bikes, these can generally support any tire size
  • Easy access, even for kids
  • Best bang for your buck
  • Roll in and roll out loading


  • Requires over 4 ft of linear wall space
  • Mounts to the wall, and stud installation required
  • Requires lifting if placed higher than 4 ft off the ground

Check out our VelociRAX Tilt & Pivot vertical garage bike rack that can easily store all of your bikes using the least amount of wall space. You can customize the size of this rack!


Horizontal bike storage on the wall is a solid option because it allows for bikes to be stored flat against the wall, taking up less vertical space.  These are ideal for tight garages, limited floor  space, low ceilings, or excess wall space. It’s also easy to load and unload bikes from this type of bike storage.

This style of rack can also display bikes indoors. Storing bikes horizontally on a wall can occupy a generous amount of wall space but very little room in the room overall.

Hanging more than two bikes in one area like this occupies a large amount of wall space, so this is not common for several bikes. This orientation is not ideal for a large bike load but can be desirable if you have another bike rack that does not have room for all bikes, or in situations when a garage is unavailable.


  • Option to store bikes without a garage, like an apartment
  • The perfect way to display bikes—a true art form
  • Can be low to the ground or close to the ceiling
  • Suitable for kid and adult bikes


  • Requires over 4 ft of linear wall space
  • Not realistic to store many bikes
  • Heavy lifting is required if mounted high off the ground
  • Difficult for kids to load depending on where the rack is mounted

The PedalRAX is an intuitive, easy-to-use horizontal wall bike storage option. And it’s super inexpensive, only touches the pedal, and can be used to stack bikes if wall space allows.


Floor garage bike racks are an excellent garage bike storage option because they are stable, easy to access, and can accommodate various types of bikes. They can also hold multiple bikes and allow for flexible positioning within the garage. 

Additionally, they can be a good option for garages with limited wall or ceiling space. This garage rack style is best for large garages and offers easy bike access.


  • Easy to access
  • Kids can load and unload
  • Simple install
  • More affordable
  • Can easily relocate


  • Occupy valuable floor space
  • Require a lot of excess garage space
  • Need to be loaded and unloaded in a specific order to store multiple bikes


Freestanding indoor bike racks are easy to assemble and move around, providing flexibility in bike storage. They also don’t require any mounting to the wall or ceiling, making them a great option for renters or those who do not want to damage their garage space. They can also store bikes of various sizes and types.


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Can move anywhere in the garage, providing flexibility and accessibility
  • Doesn’t require mounting to the wall or ceiling
  • Store bikes of various sizes and types
  • Easy load for kids


  • Takes up more floor space 
  • May not be as stable as other types of bike racks
  • May not provide the same level of security 
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as other types of bike racks


Ceiling bike racks are an excellent garage bike storage option because they maximize space by utilizing overhead storage. They also keep bikes off the ground, reducing the risk of damage. And they can be a good option for garages with limited wall space or high ceilings. 

A garage with no wall or floor space may require a rack that uses ceiling space. Bikes are stored on hooks or lifts to occupy extra air space. In most cases, these systems are designed for one bike, but a few can accommodate multiple.


  • Does not disrupt floor space
  • Accommodates most bike sizes and styles
  • Occupies minimal space
  • Great for seasonal or long term storage


  • Kids are unable to access bikes on their own
  • Complex install
  • Can only store 1-3 bikes
  • Heavy lifting required to load and unload bikes
  • Difficult to access, especially if over a car

Want a better vehicle bike rack that can hold the bikes for your whole family? Shop our best selling hitch-mount car bike racks. 

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The Best Garage Bike Rack Storage Solutions

When choosing a garage bike rack storage system, it must make sense for your garage space. It also must be easy to access, especially if you ride your bike daily.

VelociRAX Tilt & Pivot Garage Bike Rack

VelociRAX Tilt & Pivot Bike Storage Rack

The Best Vertical Mount Garage Bike Rack on the Wall

Our Tilt & Pivot Storage Rack can easily maneuver all of your bikes at once and hug the wall when it is not in use. Depending on how spread apart this rack is mounted, bikes can stay close to the wall to save garage space. This rack is compatible with a variety of bikes and can be positioned out of the way when bikes are not loaded.

The Tilt & Pivot rack allows bikes to be loaded and unloaded hassle-free. Bikes can rest snug to the wall and rotate side to side to unload bikes in any order. Kids can load this rack by rolling bikes in and out and pivoting to access any bike at any time. And the best part is you can customize it to fit as many bikes as you need.

VelociRAX PedalRAX Wall Mount Bike Rack

VelociRAX PedalRAX

The Best Horizontal Mount Garage Bike Rack on the Wall

PedalRAX is our super affordable horizontal mount garage bike rack that opens up your garage or apartment space, getting your bike up and out of the way. It uses minimal contact, making it ideal for safely storing your favorite ride, minimizing damage and scratches to the frame.

Using a pedal mount, you can hang your bike with ease for quick access. If you need to store your bike inside your house, this is the best solution for single bike storage.

VelociRAX Bike Rack Floor Stand

VelociRAX Bike Rack Floor Stand

Best Garage Bike Rack Floor Stand 

Our Bike Rack Floor Stand can easily move your hitch bike rack from your car to your garage and vice versa. Want to move this stand around your garage? No problem. simply wheel this stand anywhere in your garage. 

You can store your bikes on a hitch-mount vertical VelociRAX bike rack while secured in the floor stand. The mobility of the floor stand allows you to roll the rack wherever it’s most convenient. If you have all your bikes on the stand but need to move them to get to something in your garage, no problem. 

Want our most popular bike rack to go with your Bike Rack Floor Stand? Check out our VelociRAX 6

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VelociRAX Garage Bike Rack

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Bike Rack Storage

What is the Best Way to Hang a Bike in a Garage?

The best way to hang a bike in a garage is to use a wall-mounted bike rack. This not only keeps your bikes organized and off the ground, but it also saves precious floor space. For heavier bikes, we recommend using a vertical wall mounted bike rack made from solid steel construction.

How High Should a Bike Rack Be in the Garage?

The height of a bike rack in the garage depends on various factors. It should be high enough to prevent interference with any other objects or vehicles in the garage. It's best to measure the tallest bike and add some clearance to ensure the back wheel isn’t hitting the ground. 

Where Should I Store My Bike if I Don’t Have a Garage?

If you don't have a garage, there are still several options for bike storage. A bike can be stored indoors in a spare room, closet, or even hung on the wall in a living area. It's important to protect the bike from the elements and ensure it's securely locked to prevent theft.

Want the best garage bike rack that can handle all your bikes? Shop our most popular garage bike racks.

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