New Product: Bike Rack Floor Stand!

Some people relocate their hitch bike rack after every use, as the seasons change, or rarely take it off their car. Wherever you fall, garage bike racks can benefit you and your bikes as long as they are compatible with your bike storage intentions. If a garage bike rack system is complex and requires major effort, it may not be worth configuring weekly. If the system is user-friendly, quick, and compatible with your garage space, you may be inclined to use your garage bike rack more often than you thought.

The basis of VelociRAX is making it easy for bikers to bike and not worry about vertical hitch bike racks doing their job. Our hydraulic lowering system makes loading and unloading bikes easier than stealing candy from a baby. We are always searching for hitch bike rack and garage bike rack solutions that allow bikers to focus on their bikes-- not their bike gear.

Garage Mount Bike Storage and Bike Rack Floor Stand

To maximize vertical hitch bike rack abilities, we encourage you to use the garage mounting system to easily store your bike rack and bikes in the garage. We designed this garage bike rack system to work with minimal effort and no additional cost to your VelociRAX hitch bike rack.

This simple application can store your bike rack and bikes without purchasing a separate garage storage system. Our new rolling garage bike rack floor stand takes this system to the next level.

Just like any other item, hitch bike racks are much more enjoyable to roll than they are to lift. Once the bike rack is secure on the rolling stand, you can roll it over to the garage mount or store bikes in the VelociRAX hitch rack while secured in the floor stand. We wish we could share these with everyone today, but these will be available to ship on February 1st, 2023. You can pre-order these today to get them at their soonest availability!

Having the option to wheel your VelociRAX hitch bike rack around can make relocating a full steel-constructed hitch bike rack much smoother. You can use the bike rack floor stand with any size of our vertical hitch racks for short or long-term storage. For any use of the floor stand, install the hitch rack into the stand’s hitch receiver, secure the hitch pin in the stand’s pinhole, then you’re ready to roll! For long-term storage, secure the VelociRAX hitch rack by tightening the anti-rattle system for best results. 

Rock 'N Roll Your Hitch Bike Rack

There are four casters on the legs of the stand to freely move a fully loaded rack. A vertical hitch bike rack with bikes loaded has never moved so freely and felt so light! For stationary use, lock each caster and load bikes to use as a garage bike rack.

Since the bike rack floor stand rests low on the ground, there is no need to hinge the VelociRAX hitch rack when loading and unloading bikes. However, if you choose to lower the hitch rack on the floor stand, use the middle stop pinhole that allows for a medium hinge, suitable for small and medium-frame bikes. 

The Best Garage Bike Rack Solution

The bike rack floor stand is appealing for anyone trying to find a solution to relocate or store their bikes with some pizazz. We work to keep your bikes safe so you can spend time doing things you love. Whether you’re looking for a garage bike rack solution or an easy way to relocate your vertical hitch bike rack, try out the bike rack floor stand!