New VelociRAX Product: Bike Rack Floor Stand!

Having a hitch bike rack for your car is a must during biking season. But biking enthusiasts are different when it comes to leaving their bike racks on their vehicles: 

  • Some bikers only need the rack on their car for trips and store their rack most of the time.
  • Other bikers relocate their hitch bike rack after every use. 
  • More regular riders remove their bike rack at the end of the season.
  • Our Red Rack Nation rarely takes off their rack because we know there are year-round ride days.

Wherever you fall, you still need a solid garage bike rack. That’s what got us thinking: what if we built a garage bike rack that’s compatible with the car hitch bike rack? Who doesn’t love a twofer? That’s why we designed the VelociRAX Bike Rack Floor Stand




Compatible with your favorite VelociRAX bike rack.

Our new Bike Rack Floor Stand is so intuitive it’s even compatible with many of our competitors’ 2-inch receiver hitch bike racks. (That’s right, we came to play.) Want more details? Let’s get to the juicy features:

The VelociRAX Bike Rack Floor Stand Moves Ridiculously Easy

Our Bike Rack Floor Stand can easily move your hitch bike rack from your car to your garage and vice versa. Simply wheel this dream product out to your vehicle. Pull the hitch-mount bike rack off your car and secure it into the rolling Bike Rack Floor Stand. 

Once the bike rack is secure on the rolling stand, you can roll it over to your garage mount bike rack or simply store your bikes on the VelociRAX bike rack while secured in the floor stand. Now you can move the bikes and the rack with ease.

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Want our most popular bike rack to go with your Bike Rack Floor Stand? Check out our VelociRAX 6. Make your next ride a party.

Our Bike Rack Floor Stand Offers Flexibility and Convenience

The mobility of the floor stand allows you to roll the rack wherever it’s most convenient. If you have all your bikes on the stand but need to move them to get to something in your garage, no problem. You can roll the floor stand to wherever it’s most convenient—giving you the flexibility to change where your bikes are stored.

At VelociRAX, we want to make bike storage easy and convenient. Our hydraulic lowering system makes loading and unloading bikes easier than stealing candy from a baby. We are always searching for a hitch bike rack and garage bike rack solutions that allow bikers to focus on their bikes-- not their bike gear.

Frontview of the VelociRAX Bike Rack Floor Stand with Tow Hitch Bike Rack and Bikes

The VelociRAX Bike Rack Floor Stand is Compatible With All Our Bike Racks

Have you been eyeing our VeloicRAX 7 but don’t want to haul it around? Now you can roll it with ease. Our Bike Rack Floor Stand is compatible with all our hitch-mount bike racks:

Having the option to wheel your VelociRAX hitch bike rack makes relocating a full steel-constructed hitch bike rack much smoother. You can use the bike rack floor stand with any size of our vertical hitch racks for short or long-term storage. 

Our VelociRAX Bike Racks are designed to hold the following:

  • Mountain Bikes
  • Street Bikes
  • BMX
  • Fat Tire
  • E-Bikes
  • Kid Bikes

Our new rolling garage bike rack floor stand takes the VelociRAX storage system to the next level.

Upclose shot of the VelociRAX Bike Rack Floor Stand

How To Use Our Intuitive Vertical Bike Rack Floor Stand

Using our Bike Rack Floor Stand is pretty straightforward: 

  1. Insert the hitch rack into the stand’s hitch receiver.
  2. Secure the hitch pin in the stand’s pinhole.
  3. Roll your rack to your garage for easy storage.
  4. Utilize the casters to lock and unlock the wheels for mobility. 

Long-Term Garage Bike Rack Storage

For long-term storage, secure the VelociRAX hitch rack by tightening the anti-rattle system for best results. Our anti-rattle system is built into the rack to steady the rack securely on your car or Bike Rack Floor Stand for added stability.

View of the Bike Rack Floor Stand with a Vertical Hitch Bike Rack and Bikes

Using the Wheel Casters: Rock ‘N Roll Your Hitch Bike Rack

There are four casters on the legs of the stand to freely move a fully loaded rack. A vertical hitch bike rack with bikes loaded has never moved so freely and felt so light! For stationary use, lock each caster and load bikes to use as a garage bike rack.

Since the bike rack floor stand rests low on the ground, there is no need to hinge the VelociRAX hitch rack when loading and unloading bikes. However, if you choose to lower the hitch rack on the floor stand, use the middle stop pinhole that allows for a medium hinge, suitable for small and medium-frame bikes. 

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Want More Garage Mount Bike Storage Options?

At VelociRAX, we understand needing different garage-mount bike storage options. That’s why we also offer:

VelociRAX Garage Mount Bike Rack that comes free with a Velocirax Vertical Hitch Bike Rack

The VelociRAX Garage Mounting Bracket

To maximize your vertical hitch bike rack’s abilities, we encourage you to use our Garage Mounting Bracket to easily store your bike rack and bikes in the garage. We designed this garage bike rack system to work with minimal effort, and it comes with your VelociRAX bike rack.

Tilt & Pivot Garage Bike Rack

Tilt & Pivot Garage Bike Rack

Our new and super popular Tilt & Pivot Garage Bike Rack maximizes your garage space to accommodate all your bikes to fit neatly while still being super accessible. The easy-to-install vertical garage bike rack can hold up to eight bikes and allows for flexible placement to adjust for different size bikes.

But keep in mind the Tilt & Pivot Garage Bike Rack sells out as soon as they come in stock because of their intuitive design that our customers love. So don’t wait. Shop this handy garage bike storage system now.


Don’t need a complex bike rack and want to get your bikes up when it’s off-season, check out PedalRAX, our single bike rack storage solution. This pedal mount storage solution is completely adjustable and can be customized to your bike. This is great for bikers who don’t have garage access or live in apartments. Mount your bike on the wall to get it out of the way.

VelociRAX Bike Rack Floor Stand offers mobility and flexibility for your garage storage

The Best Garage Bike Rack Floor Stand Solution

The Bike Rack Floor Stand appeals to anyone trying to find a solution to relocate or store their bikes with some pizazz. We work to keep your bikes safe so you can spend time doing things you love. Whether you’re looking for a garage bike rack solution or an easy way to relocate your vertical hitch bike rack, try out the bike rack floor stand!

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